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It takes up typically one half to one third of your entire house. Are you making the most of that space? Whether you want extra storage space, an inlaw suite, or are looking for a home theatre set up to impress your friends, your basement represents many opportunities. Are you taking advantage of them all? Unique basement makeovers can make a big difference in your life.

Oh, and did I forget to mention the potential increase in the value of your home? So what are you waiting for?

When you’re looking for basement refinishing ideas to remodel your basement, or if you’re planning to finish an unfinished basement yourself, you’ll find many free tips and how-to hints on our website. You’ll easily be able to find information about the newest products and most modern techniques for creating usable living space out of your old basement.

We suggest you start by making decisions about how you want the various parts of your basement to function. Do you want to have a laundry room, more storage, or are you looking to create more room for family activities? We have some great basement room ideas.  You can draw rough sketches of the things you feel you want to achieve in your basement remodel. You won't be stuck for ideas as we help you get over the hurdle and proceed with your basement makeovers.

Take a look at the size of the area you have to work with and the location of your furnace, water sources, and electrical wiring. You will find a lot of pictures online that can give you ideas about where you should place walls and how to optimize the space you have available while effectively camouflaging these eyesores. These pictures will also give you great ideas for decor and can help you find the products you need to make it happen.

There are several basement decorating ideas that will suit your needs - from a hockey den, complete with your team's logo on the wall, to perhaps the classic look of a basement bar.

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Even websites that are looking to sell you products and services will provide you with a lot of free ideas for remodeling your basement. These sites often include pictures of rooms which can help you decide what to do with your basement space. Think about the basement flooring options available, as well as your basement ceiling - too much padding on the floor, combined with a drop ceiling, is going to make your room look and feel smaller.

Maybe your wife wants a cozy family room while you’ve been thinking about space for a pool table and and a few basement bar ideas. There are ways that both of you can be happy with your remodel, and you can find a lot of sample floor plans showing you how to lay out exactly what you want.

You’ll find that the Internet is a wonderful resource when it comes to remodeling your basement, because you can get a ton of ideas there, and they aren’t going to cost you a penny.

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